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Deferred Quiz Questions

OSTINATI OSTINATO, a constantly recurring melodic fragment [n]

DEMERITS- DEMERIT, to lower in status [v]
DEMISTER/S a device that demists [n -S]
DIMETERS- DIMETER, a verse of two metrical feet, also DIPODY [n]
MISTERED MISTER, to address as mister [v]

T/AILERONS- AILERON, a balancing flap on a aeroplane [n]
ALERIONS- ALERION, in heraldry, an eagle displayed without feet or beak, also ALLERION [n]
-ALIENORS- ALIENOR, one who transfers property [n]

F/LOUNDERS- LOUNDER, to beat (to strike repeatedly) [v]
ROUNDELS- ROUNDEL, a round object, also ROUNDLE [n]
ROUNDLES- ROUNDLE, a round object, also ROUNDEL [n]
UNSOLDER/S to separate (to keep apart) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

SEY/S a part carcase of beef [n -S]
-SYE/DNS to strain (to exert to the utmost) [v SYED, SYEING, SYES]
ABDEHKLNOPRSTW/-YES-/KT to give an affirmative answer [v YESSED, YESSING, YESES or YESSES]

CINDERS- CINDER, to reduce to ashes [v]
DISCERN/S to perceive (to become aware of through the senses) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
NERDICS- NERDIC, another name for GEEKSPEAK [n]
P/RESCIND/S to annul (to declare void) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

BCDFGLMPRWZ/-OOS-/EY OO, wool (the fleece of sheep or goats) [n]

A/BASE-/DNRS to found (to establish) [v BASED, BASING, BASES] / morally low [adj BASER, BASEST]
SABE-/DRS to savvy (to understand) [v SABED, SABEING, SABES]

MNOVW/ARY-/L any (whichever) [adj]
BCDFGKPTX/-RAY/AS to emit a narrow beam of light [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-RYA/LS a Scandinavian handwoven rug [n -S]
K/-YAR-/DEKNR nimble (agile (able to move quickly and easily)) [adj YARER, YAREST]

-PEST-/OSY an annoying person or thing [n -S]
S/PETS- PET, to caress with the hand [v]
SEPT/AS a clan (a group of families) [n -S]
-SPET/S to spit (to throw out saliva from the mouth) [v SPAT, SPETTING, SPETS]

CANTATES- CANTATE, the 98th psalm [n]
CASTANET/S a rhythm instrument [n -S]

-PAIREST- PAIR, (Scots) poor [adj]
-PARTIES PARTY, to attend a social gathering [v]
PASTIER- PASTY, pale and unhealthy in appearance, also PASTIE [adj]
PIASTER/S a monetary unit of several Arab countries, also PIASTRE [n -S]
PIASTRE/S a monetary unit of several Arab countries, also PIASTER [n -S]
PIRATES- PIRATE, to commit piracy [v]
PRATIES- PRATIE, a potato, also PRATY [n]

DEMINER/S one that removes (explosive) mines [n -S]
V/ERMINED- trimmed with ermine [adj]

CST/HAWS-/E HAW, to turn left [v]
P/-SHAW-/LMNS to show (to display (to put on show)) [v SHAWED, SHAWN, SHAWING, SHAWS]
SHWA/S an indistinct vowel sound [n -S]
AS/-WASH-/Y to cleanse in liquid [v WASHED, WASHEN or WASHED, WASHING, WASHES]

SOULDAN/S a sultan (the ruler of a Muslim country) [n -S]
UNLOADS- UNLOAD, to remove cargo from [v]

PERI-/LS a supernatural being of Persian mythology [n -S]
S/PIER-/ST a structure extending from land out over water [n -S]
CGT/RIPE-/DNRS to cleanse (to clean (to rid of stain)) [v RIPED, RIPING, RIPES] / fully matured [adj RIPER, RIPEST]

ALTHEAS- ALTHEA, a flowering plant [n]

DAIKER/S to waver (to move to and fro) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
DARKIE/S a coloured person, also DARKY, DARKEY [n -S]
T/RAIKED RAIK, to go; to range [v]

A/-GIN-/GKNS to remove seeds from cotton [v GINNED, GUNNEN, GINNING, GINS] / to begin (to start (to begin)) [v GINNED or GAN, GUNNEN, GINNING, GINS]
BDGHKLMPRSTWZ/ING-/OS a meadow, esp one beside a river [n -S]

COINAGE/S the act of making coins [n -S]

-MAN-/ADEGIOSY to provide with workers [v MANNED, MAND or MANNED, MANNING, MANS] / an adult human male [n MEN]
-MNA/S a Greek weight [n -S]
-NAM-/ESU legal distraint, also NAAM [n -S]

SNAR/EFKLSY to slither like a snake [v SNARRED, SNARRING, SNARS]

KYRIES- KYRIE, a religious petition for mercy [n]
SKYIER SKYEY, resembling the sky, also SKIEY [adj]

H/AJIS- AJI, a spicy pepper [n]

SITELLA/S a small black-and-white bird, also SITTELLA [n -S]
TAILLES-/S TAILLE, a former French tax [n]
-TALLIES TALLY, to count (to number (to count)) [v]

BCDHKLMNPRWY/ARKED ARK, to put into an ark (a coffer) [v]
DAKER/S to lounge, also DACKER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-DRAKE/S a male duck [n -S]
BC/-RAKED- RAKE, to gather with a toothed bar on a handle [v]

DISANNEX to disjoin (to separate (to keep apart)) [v -ED, -ING, -ES]

ORDALIUM/S resolving a disputed question by divination [n -S]

JHATKA/S the slaughter of animals for food in accordance with Sikh law [n -S]

KERO/S a fuel oil, also KEROSENE, KEROSINE [n -S]
-KORE-/S an ancient Greek statue of a young woman [n KORES or KORAI]
BDPTW/-ROKE-/DRS to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v ROKED, ROKING, ROKES]

PANDIES PANDY, to punish by striking the hand [v]
PANSIED bedecked with pansies [adj]
-SPAINED SPAIN, to wean (to take off mother's milk) [v]

AMIDONES- AMIDONE, a chemical compound [n]
DAIMONES DAIMON, an attendant spirit [n]
DOMAINES- DOMAINE, a vineyard in Burgundy [n]
NOMADIES NOMADY, the life of a nomad [n]

CRAME-/S a booth for selling goods [n -S]
S/-CREAM/SY to select the best from a group [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-MACER-/S an official who carries a ceremonial staff [n -S]

DLNRT/OWT-/S anything (something as opposed to nothing) [n -S]
S/-TOW-/NSTY to pull by means of a chain or rope [v -ED, -ING, -S]
-TWO/S a number [n -S]
S/WOT-/S to know (to have a true understanding of) [v WOTTED, WOTTING, WOTS]

BJMNPSYZ/ERKS- ERK, an aircraftsman [n]
-SERK-/S a chemise (a loose dress) [n -S]
AE/SKER/S to scour (to cleanse by hard rubbing) [v SKERRED, SKERRING, SKERS]

MADRONOS- MADRONO, an evergreen tree, also MADRONA, MADRONE [n]


-KANT/S to turn on the edge [v -ED, -ING, -S]
S/TANK-/ASY to store in a container for liquids [v -ED, -ING, -S]

GEOMANTS- GEOMANT, one who divines from shapes [n]
MAGNETOS- MAGNETO, a type of electric generator [n]
MEGATONS- MEGATON, a unit of explosive force [n]
MONTAGES- MONTAGE, to combine into a composite picture [v]

-DRAPIER/S a draper (a dealer in cloth) [n -S]
PARRIED PARRY, to ward off a blow [v]
RAPIDER RAPID, swift (speedy (swift)) [adj]

M/ENARCHES ENARCH, to graft a plant [v]
ENCHASER-/S one that enchases (to place in an ornamental border, also INCHASE) [n -S]

ROTTENS- ROTTEN, a rat [n]
SNOTTER/SY to sob (to cry with a convulsive catching of the breath) [v -ED, -ING, -S]
STENTOR/S a person who has a very loud voice [n -S]

E/-IKONS- IKON, a symbol or image, also ICON [n]
KINOS- KINO, a gum resin [n]
I/NKOSI/S (South Africa) term of address to a superior [n -S]
B/-OINKS- OINK, to grunt like a hog [v]

DEIDS- DEID, death (the end of life) [n]
SIDED- SIDE, to support or agree with [v]

IGNITORS- IGNITOR, one that ignites, also IGNITER [n]
RIOTINGS- RIOTING, the act of rioting [n]
ROISTING ROIST, to revel (to engage in noisy merrymaking) [v]
ROSITING ROSIT, to rosin (to treat with a brittle resin, also ROSET) [v]

BFHLPRSW/ANDS- AND, something added [n]
-DANS- DAN, a tub [n]
-NADS testicles (a male reproductive gland, also TESTIS) [n]
-SAND-/SY to cover with a loose granular rock material [v -ED, -ING, -S]

GUTTIES/T GUTTY, latex, also GUTTA [n]

GASTRIN/S a hormone (a secretion of the endocrine organs) [n -S]
GRATINS- GRATIN, a type of food crust [n]
GP/RATINGS- RATING, an estimate or evaluation [n]
-STARING/S the act of staring [n -S]
S/TARINGS- TARING, the calculating of a tare [n]

FOUSTIER FOUSTY, mouldy (covered with mould) [adj]
OUTFIRES- OUTFIRE, to surpass in firing [v]

BDJLP/INGO-/T the inner sides of a doorway [n INGOES]

SWATTIER SWATTY, given to hard study, also SWOTTY [adj]
-WARTIEST WARTY, covered with warts [adj]

BDFKPRSTW/-EEN- EE, an eye (the organ of sight) [n]
BDGMNPST/-ENE-/SW evening (poetic) [n -S]
KS/-NEE-/DMP born with the name of [adj]

ENACTURE/S fulfilment [n -S]

INTRADA/SY a musical prelude [n -S]
RADIANT-/S a point from which rays are omitted [n -S]

BEF/-RAS/EHPT an Ethiopian prince [n RASES or RASSES]
AKOT/-SAR/DIKS to savour (to taste or smell with pleasure) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

KSU/-NIT/ES the egg of a parasitic insect [n -S]
-TIN-/ADEGKSTY to coat with a metallic element [v TINNED, TINNING, TINS]

L/IONISER-/S something that ionizes, also IONIZER [n -S]
IRONIES/T IRONY, words used to express the opposite of that stated [n]
NOISIER NOISY, making loud sounds [adj]

CATERED CATER, to provide food and service [v]
CEDRATE/S citron (a lemonlike fruit) [n -S]
A/CERATED- covered with wax [adj]
CREATED- CREATE, to bring into being [v]
P/REACTED REACT, to respond to a stimulus [v]

S/-KET/AEOS carrion (dead and rotting flesh) [n -S]

PR/-EPOS an epic poem, also EPOPEE, EPOPOEIA [n -ES]
CDHLMPRT/-OPES- OPE, to open (to expose to view) [v]
PESO-/S a monetary unit of various Spanish-speaking countries [n -S]
-POSE-/DRSY to assume a fixed position [v POSED, POSING, POSES]

BF/RITT-/S to scratch (to make a thin, shallow cut on) [v -ED, -ING, -S]

CGT/RUE/DRS to feel sorrow or remorse for [v RUED, RUEING, RUES]
CDIJLMPS/-URE-/AS a wild ox [n -S]

S/-HOO-/DFKNPRT expressing boisterous emotion [interj]
BCMST/-OHO- an expression of surprise [interj]
BP/-OOH-/S to express surprise [v -ED, -ING, -S]

DOLLIERS- DOLLIER, one who wheels a trolley [n]

KYLES- KYLE, a narrow strait [n]
-YELKS- YELK, the yellow, fatty part of an egg, also YOLK [n]
YLKES- YLKE, ilk (type or kind) [n]

BCDFHKLMOPSTW/OPS- OP, a style of abstract art [n]
AE/-POS-/EHSTY PO, a chamberpot [n]
-SOP-/HS to dip or soak in a liquid [v SOPPED, SOPPING, SOPS]

PAKOKO/S (New Zealand) a small freshwater fish [n -S]

DOOKET/S a dovecote (a roost for domesticated pigeons, also DOVECOT) [n -S]

MASQUE/RS a dramatic entertainment formerly popular in England [n -S]
SQUAME/S a scale [n -S]

-HOKAS- HOKA, red cod [n]
KOHAS- KOHA, a gift or donation when visiting a marae [n]
SHAKO/S a type of military hat, also SHACKO [n SHAKOS or SHAKOES]
SOKAH/S calypso music [n -S]

A/-PER-/CEIKMNPTV for each [prep]
-PRE/EMPXYZ before (in front of) [prep]
P/REP-/OPS to act as a commercial representative [v REPPED, REPPING, REPS]

SAGINATE/DS to fatten (to make fat (having an abundance of flesh)) [v SAGINATED, SAGINATING, SAGINATES]

REWOUND REWIND, to wind again [v]
WOUNDER/S one that wounds (to inflict an injury upon) [n -S]

O/-STENTING STENT, to stint (to limit (to restrict (to keep within boundaries))) [v]
TENTINGS- TENTING, the act of tenting [n]

-KEROS- KERO, a fuel oil, also KEROSENE, KEROSINE [n]
-KORES- KORE, an ancient Greek statue of a young woman [n]
BDPT/-ROKES- ROKE, to smoke (to emit a gas or vapour due to burning) [v]

AUDILES- AUDILE, one who thinks in terms of sounds [n]
DEASIUL/S motion in the same direction as the sun, also DEASIL, DEASOIL, DEISEAL, DEISHEAL [n -S]

NUKING NUKE, to attack with nuclear weapons [v]
BDFGJ/UNKING/S to deprive of a king [v -ED, -ING, -S]

RIOTERS- RIOTER, one who riots (to take part in a violent public disturbance) [n]
ROISTER/S to revel, also ROYSTER [v -ED, -ING, -S]
RORIEST RORY, noisy (making loud sounds) [adj]

CHPT/OTTERED OTTER, to fish with a board of baited lines [v]
TETRODE/S a type of electron tube [n -S]

S/-TIFF/S to have a petty quarrel [v -ED, -ING, -S]

BCDFGHJKLMNPRSTVWYZ/ILLS- ILL, an evil (wickedness or depravity) [n]
-SILL/SY a part of a window [n -S]

BLANKIES- BLANKIE, a child�s blanket also BLANKY [n]
SINKABLE able to be sunk [adj]

KARAMU/S a small New Zealand tree with glossy leaves and orange fruit [n -S]
KUMARA/S (New Zealand) the sweet potato, also KUMERA [n -S]

BZ/ARF-/S a barking sound [n -S]
A/-FAR-/DELMOST to remove to a distance [v FARRED, FARRING, FARS] / at a great distance [adv]
FRA/BEGPSTUY a friar (a member of a religious order) [n -S]

ANTIENTS- ANTIENT, an old man [n]
STANNITE/S an ore of tin [n -S]

S/-HANDS- HAND, to present with the extremity of the arm below the wrist [v]
-SHAND-/SY a counterfeit coin, also SHAN [n -S]

CANISTER/S a small metal box [n -S]
CARNIEST- CARNY, cunning (crafty (skillful in deceiving)) [adj]
CERATINS- CERATIN, a fibrous protein [n]
CISTERNA-/EL a fluid-containing sac [n CISTERNAE]
CREATINS- CREATIN, a chemical found within vertebrate muscle, also CREATINE, KREATINE [n]
NACRITES- NACRITE, a clay mineral [n]
-SCANTIER SCANTY, meagre (inadequate, also MEAGER) [adj]
TACRINES- TACRINE, a drug for treating Alzheimer's disease [n]

BALDIER- BALDY, having no hair [adj]
BEDRAIL/S a rail that runs along the side of a bed [n -S]
BLADIER BLADY, as in blady grass [adj]
-BRAILED BRAIL, to haul in a sail [v]
RAILBED/S the bed of a railway track [n -S]
RIDABLE capable of being ridden, also RIDEABLE [adj]

POINTEL-/S a sharp instrument [n -S]
PONTILE-/S an iron supporting rod used in glassmaking, also PUNTY, PONTIE, PONTIL, PONTY, PUNTEE [n -S]
POTLINE/S a row of electrolytic cells [n -S]
TOPLINE/DRS to star (to shine as an actor or singer) [v TOPLINED, TOPLINING, TOPLINES]

SYKES- SYKE, a small stream, also SIKE [n]
YESKS- YESK, to hiccup, also YEX [v]

-FOUS- FOU, a bushel [n]
B/UFOS- UFO, an unidentified flying object [n]

S/IZAR/DS an outer garment worn by Muslim women [n -S]
RIZA-/S an ornamental plate [n -S]
ZARI/S a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire used in traditional Indian and Pakistani garments [n -S]

A/-BORT-/SYZ diamond fragments, also BORTZ [n -S]

S/COT/EHST a narrow bed [n -S] / to become tangled [v COTTED, COTTING, COTS]
A/TOC-/KOS code for the letter T [n -S]

ELVAN/S a granular rock, also ELVANITE [n -S]
-NAVEL-/S a depression in the abdomen [n -S]
VENAL- open to bribery [adj]

DHKLPSZ/INKIER INKY, like ink [adj]
KEIRIN/S a cycling race originating in Japan, in which groups of cyclists follow a pacesetter and then sprint for the last part of the race [n -S]

ENCHARGE/DS to enjoin (to order or direct) [v ENCHARGED, ENCHARGING, ENCHARGES]
GRENACHE/S a kind of black grape; a red wine made from this [n -S]

-GUR-/LNSU sugar, also GOOR [n -S]
DFT/-RUG/AS to pull roughly [v RUGGED, RUGGING, RUGS]

AEU/-MUS-/EHKOST MU, a Greek letter [n]
-SUM/IOPSY uzbekistan currency, pl SUMS or SUMY [n -S] / to add together [v SUMMED, SUMMING, SUMS]
BCFGHLMRSTV/UMS- UM, to say "um" [v]

AG/RIOT/S to take part in a violent public disturbance [v -ED, -ING, -S]
ROTI-/S an unleavened bread [n -S]
TIRO/S a beginner or novice, also TYRO [n TIROS or TIROES]
TORI-/CI TORUS, (Latin) a large convex moulding [n]
TRIO/LRS a group of three [n -S]

CLUIEST CLUEY, (Aust. sl.) well-informed and adroit [adj]
LUCITES- LUCITE, an acrylic resin or plastic consisting essentially of polymerized methyl methacrylate [n]
LUETICS- LUETIC, one infected with syphilis [n]

A/BUNA-/S a synthetic rubber [n -S]

DOTER-/S one who dotes, also DOATER [n -S]
ROTED- ROTE, to learn by repetition, also ROATE [v]
S/-TRODE-/S a path [n -S]

SAZZES SAZ, a stringed instrument of the Middle East [n]

LIMITS- LIMIT, to restrict (to keep within boundaries) [v]
MISLIT MISLIGHT, to lead astray by its light [v]

STIRRES- STIRRE, to bolt (to run away) [v]

CKLPSTYZ/-EAS-/ETY EA, a river (a large natural stream of water) [n]
-SAE so [adv]
A/-SEA/LMNRST the ocean (vast sections of salt water over most of the world) [n -S]